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MAY 2024

Webina: Validation (PD)

Join SB Consultancy’s upcoming webinar, where we’ll cover-

  • What is Validation ?
  • What is Pre-validation? Post-Validation?
  • Validation and Moderation
AUD 50
March 2024

Webinar: Unfolding a Unit of Competency (PD)

Chart your course to competency based education.

AUD 50

Feb 2024

Webinar: Session Plan (PD)

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Well-Planned Training Session, Time Allocation, Resources to be Used, etc.

AUD 50

Feb 2024

Webinar Dealing with Behaviors (PD)

Explore and top-up your knowledge on Types of Behaviors, How to deal with them…


AUD 50
Nov 2023

Webinar : Reasonable Adjustments Online Training (PD)

Guidance to Adjustments in Online Trainings


AUD 50
Feb 2024

Webinar: Mapping (PD)

Resourceful Webinar on Mapping & its components

AUD 50
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